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Nautilus Custom Homes is a Houston-based company that builds to the highest standard of green possible for residential living, building certified Zero Energy Ready Homes with Energy Star ratings.  As Houston's most innovative and efficient residential living system, we are paving the way to a better, cleaner, and greener future.

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Nautilus Custom Homes is a family owned business dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of our clients.  Driven to greatness and supported by years of experience, the Nautilus team makes sustainable residential living affordable and luxurious. With extreme dedication to the dream of a better world, our team works to provide every client with the home they desire and deserve. Meet our team below.


Ker Thomson has been involved in design and layout of existing homes since the late 1990.  In 2007, he became involved in an effort to build a new home, but to do so in a way that would take advantages of better and more sustainable products and technologies available at the time.  This led to the formation of the predecessor company to Nautilus, Durable Residential Builders, and a relationship with Texas A&M University; from which was born the Texas A&M Residential Research Project, which looked at essentially all the available building products and technologies and cumulated in a designed system that makes sense to build and to live in, but is still affordable.  Driven by sustainability and cost-efficiency, Ker Thomson is looking to change the face of residential living, and is taking the first steps toward a greener Houston.



Jim Kuchenbrod, a navy vet, has been involved in all aspects of residential home construction for more than 35 years.  Starting as a framer, after being honorably discharged, he has built in Colorado, Texas and Florida (where he currently holds a contractor’s license).  He rapidly went from framer to job superintendent to project manager and has built extensively with wood and steel framing, ICF and SIPS.  Jim and Ker have been working together since 2008 when Jim signed on to bring his expertise to the Drummond House.  He has been a driving force through all the projects Nautilus has completed.  His creativity, knowledge and innovation takes the home from plans to keys in the door, and the many ‘in the field’ design changes are geared toward making the home more livable, convenient, beautiful and functional.

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We are partnered with local Houston businesses, contractors and government agencies that come together to reach exceptionally high quality and sustainability standards. We take great care in finding reliable, high quality relationships as we all seek to build a better future.

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4023 Lanark Ln.
Houston, TX 77025


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